chess manual

chess manual is the best Chinese Chess manual app, has a collection of near 10,000 of the most classic chesses. It contains three categorys: 1. Master Album. 2.Classic Album. 3.Competition Album.

Features highlights
➤1 Master’s album. a collection of masters’ chess, such as Yangguan Lin, Hu Ronghua, Xu Yinchuan, Lu Qin, Xu Tianhong, Zhao Guorong, Li Laiqun, and etc.
➤2 Classic album. a collection of classical chess, such as Meng ru shen ji, Xian qing ya qu, Mei hua pu, and etc.
➤3 Competition album. a collection of most famous competitions, such as Wuyang bad, silver Lai bad , Xiangqi Individual Championship, the National Chess Championships, Championships classical chess and etc.
➤4 Import any chess state to chess 2012 to play.
➤5 Update database online. [keep up with the newest famous chess books.]
➤6 Supports all IOS device. Good experience on iPad. Buy once and install on your all IOS device such as iPhone, iTouch, iPad.
➤ Support ios6.0 and iphone5 perfectly. Optimized for iPhone5.

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