Chess for iPhone

Chess for iPhone is perhaps one of the most advanced Chess board Game for the iPhone (iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4’s retina display adaptation).

It is largely inspired by the open source Chess App Glaurung and the Chess engine


Main Features:

– You can play either the Blacks or the Whites.

– You can save/record a Game and start an other one, store several games.

– E-mail a Game, edit pieces positions, Level Game.

– Show an analysis of a given game.

– Show book moves.

– Show legal moves.

– Change the Figure notations.

– Change the color of the board.

– Adopting a nickname.

– Change the difficulty of the Chess.


Other options include:

– Change the style of the pieces.

– Change the style of the chessboard.

– Flip Blacks and Whites.

– You get a hint on legal moves.


We are currently working hard to bring the application to the Game Center.

If you have any remarks, suggestions, comments or complaints please e-mail us or visit our website to request promo-codes.

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