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— Play legendary chessmen on your iPad – Living History Series from InstantChess. Please see screenshots for iPad.
— Instantly start playing online chess with people from all over the world.


InstantChess is eager to bring to its players the ability to experience chess as it was played by famous people or during important historical events.

Our mission is to make the feelings and flavour of history come alive to people through the game of chess.

We acquire antique chess sets or use old scripts, engravings and pictures, and visit museums all over Europe to research lost, incomplete or exceptionally rare chess sets.

Our experts select only those chessmen that were once popular, making them appropriate for playing real games of chess.

Once found, researched and selected we then reproduce the chessmen as close to reality as possible on the iPad screen. We do this with great care in order to enable you to play exceptional games of chess and to experience the relevant history

Additionally, we offer chess sets that are attractive for kids.


The intellectual matching system assesses and monitors your ability from the moment you start playing at InstantChess.

Based on your style, chess level and statistics, it chooses the best opponent for you in realtime.

The system evaluates your strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis, matching you either with an opponent of similar level (so increasing your chances of winning) or with a stronger opponent for a more challenging and educating game.

— Please contact us at for Customer Support

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