Chef Cook Mania Free

Chef Cook Mania Free: Cooking Game in which you cook and server to keep your customer happy.

Home entertainment for whole Family, kids, boys & Girls. A cooking game that polishes your strategy & time management skills in an addictive and entertaining way!

—The Story—
You are running your own restaurant where customer’s orders are coming in. Cook and serve the order timely, avoid over cooking and unlock new items. Get more customer satisfaction and get more Earnings and Chef Points.

* Unlock Better Stoves & Cooking Ranges
* Increase your Restaurant Storage
* Unlock Achievements
* Share your Story with Friends online.
* Post on your Wall.
* Be the Junior or Professional Master Chef.
* Learn to manage time, improve reflexes while having fun.

Disclaimer: This free app is ad supported.
Download PRO version completely Free of Ads and 500 chef points to start with.

—–How to Play———–
1) Tap to select food
2) Do not drag but Tap on the frying pan
3) Tap to place food
4) Tap to serve customers’ orders

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