Cheezu Lite

Cheezu brings maze gaming to the next level with an exciting way to interact with your photos! Each maze is randomly generated and uses the colors of your chosen picture to create a visually stunning 3D level.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“Personalized and fun”
“This game is pretty cool”
“Fun to play”
“This is a good game”
“Nice concept”

The game comes included with several images, but it gets more interesting when you use your own pictures. If your device has a camera, you can also use an image from the camera roll or take a new picture to use in the game.

The free version of this game will test your skills with a 9×9 grid. If you enjoy this game, consider upgrading to the full version. This will unlock much more available content, including:

*50 levels of mesmerizing gameplay
*Fastest times saved for each level
*Free updates, including an upcoming online scoreboard

To navigate the maze, swipe or tap the screen in the direction you wish to move. Tilt the device, pinch the screen and use the zoom buttons to help guide you to your goal.

With more exciting features planned for future updates, this game will keep you occupied for hours. “Say Cheezu!”

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