Developed and created by one person and owner of Angry Man Games, comes his first major project, Checkboard!

Checkboard is a tile switching puzzle game that will challenge your mind and your skills of perception. Tap the board to switch the surrounding tiles and clear each level by restoring the board. For a greater challenge complete each puzzle in the fewest moves possible to collect more stars! The more stars you collect, the more levels you can unlock to play!

This game was made entirely by a single person. If you’d like to support this indie developer you can like/tweet/re-tweet/follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the links and more information on the website. Thank-you!

– Universally Developed for Multiple-Devices
– Free app includes over 50 free puzzles to play!
– 10 x 30 puzzle expansions available on release!
– Over 350 puzzles available to play!!
– Visit Facebook and Twitter pages to unlock 2 free puzzle sets!
– Ad-free!!


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