Chatorez: Rock, Paper and Scissors – a new exciting adaptation of an age old game, sure to keep you engaged. Each level starts with a board of tiles on it, the objective is to remove all but one tile from the board, by tapping, moving and removing other tiles.

Though sounds simple the complexity increases as the game progresses. Hammer and Acid tiles are introduced to keep things interesting. This is a strategy based puzzle game, where thinking ahead pays off well, especially in later levels.

– Innovative adaptation of the rock, paper and scissors paradigm
– Exciting new twist with Acid and Hammer!
– 108 levels with varied difficultly
– Works great on iPhone4, iPhone5 and all versions of the iPad
– Fun and challenging
– Puzzle game which will keep you entertained and engaged for long
– Scores reported on the Gamecenter
– Achievements can be shared with friends


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