The “funniest game of all times” where you have to carbonize birds has arrived in your App. Store!

Rodinia Games is again in the “top games” with this “number one game”, where the highlight is to carbonize the poor birds as quickly as possible.

Don’t waste any time, download the game and have fun.


* Fun for all ages!
* Easy to Control! “A perfect game for children,” thanks to its simplicity and fun.
* Integrates with the Game Center!
* Maximum HD resolution!
* FREE regular updates!
* Compatible with all iOS devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, including the new iPhone 5!
* Optimized for iOS6!
* Shop to get extras! Upgrade your arsenal by adding new and improved destructive features to your repertoire with one touch.
* Sign up and play FREE!

The game.

Everything happens on a wonderful quiet morning when storks and toucans are flying quietly and relaxed over the countryside. They didn’t know something is going to come over. Maybe a thunderstorm? Or maybe a overloaded laying?
With many surprises that will make you laugh mourn, there are multiple ways to carbonize the birds. You have to carbonize the most number of birds before time runs out. The storm will not last forever, so we must be fast and have good reflexes to play one of the most addictive games that was ever made. Share your points with everyone worldwide in the Game Center and prove that you are the best.

Why Toucans?
The tropical climates where toucans are located produce the most storms worldwide per square meter.
Toucans with their great intelligence, will attempt to circumvent the downloads the best way possible, and they will not make it easy for you. Of course, what they don’t know is, that there are fingers who are responsible for causing storms and thunderstorms to end their miserable lives.

But.. is there anything that can prevent them from being carbonized? Well, you’ll have to check that out in the game.
Super fun for all ages and for all the family.

The Shop.

You can improve your destructive arsenal by adding more improvements to your repertoire. You can use the free stars you will get when you register, and with which you can play and earn more stars. Just carbonize toucans as long as possible, and take advantage of the extras you’ll find at the store. They are even more fun and amazing.

Point on each extra and see what they can do.

Rodinia Games.
You can access the page and leave your comments at We are always happy to hear from you.

Enjoy one of the best gaming entertainments.

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