Charades is a fantastisc new network game. Everybody knows Charades from parties all over the world. Now you can play Charades with your friends on iPhone.

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Wordfeud, Mindfeud and all the other network games are challenging your brain – Charades is pure fun!!
App Review

Charades uses a completely new network game-mechanism. Make a Charades Video and Challenge all of your friends. When they guess it, you will both earn points.

Charades has a levelsystem, so you will go from rookie to Charades Master.

Paid users can see there position worldwide and between your friends. You can also see your old challenges and share the videos with your friends on Facebook!


Charades, the family favorite for the Holiday season is updated for the iPhone age! Instead of struggling to think of a film, book or song simply tap on the lever and the curtain is raised on a new Charades challenge.

Select the level of difficulty, choose whether you play against the clock then get miming! With over 1200 popular films, TV shows, songs, books and plays there’s hours of entertainment for all the family.

Additional themed packs of Charades are available for In-App purchase covering favorite decades such as the 70′s and 80′s. There’s even a kids pack! Each pack contains hundreds more topics to act out.

Want to research any of the charades you perform? No Problem! The game gives you instant access to the wikipedia entry for every charade. Perfect for sorting out arguments over when it was made or who sang it first!