Character Folio

New tools for the old school gamer!

Character Folio is a full featured character sheet application for keeping track of all your characters. Like a folder. Like that folder you’ve always had that has a bunch of character sheets and notes in it because PC’s are what we love about sitting at the gaming table. Especially cool ones. You know the folder I’m talking about. That folder (your folder) is now this app and we call it the Character Folio. A way to manage, save and edit your character just like it was paper.

Character Folio is not a character generator but it’s more than just a way to hold stats and abilities. Linked to reference and with intelligent calculations built in, the Character Folio lets you run any character you can think of … meaning we support house rules! In fact we support custom rules and source as well and allow players to input and save original stats, abilities, equipments, notes, etc. The golden rule of gaming is “if you’re having fun, then you’re playing it right” and Darktheatre LLC’s Character Folio is built on that principal.

* Supports Savage Worlds & d20 3.75 characters
* Slide in reference
* Save and manage custom feats, abilities, equipment, and more
* Notes page
* Select character portrait right from your iPad’s photos
* Landscape and portrait views (it rotates!)

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