Chapayev Lite

Chapayev is a game played on a checkerboard, a unique hybrid of checkers and billiards which is played throughout the territory of the former USSR. The aim is to knock the opponent’s pieces off the board.

It is named after a Red Army hero of the Russian Civil War. The war was fought between the Red and White Armies from 1918 to 1921. «Chapayev» is very popular and has many variations

To begin with, two lines of eight checkers are placed on the opposite sides of a standard checkerboard.
The pieces on one side of the board are all red and the pieces on the other side are all white.

The player to move first is chosen randomly. A player is allowed to flick any of his pieces with a swipe gesture. The aim of the game is to knock as many of your opponent’s pieces off the board as you can. It is advisable to avoid losing your own pieces, but this is not the main goal of the game.

A round is finished when one of the players has lost all his pieces. If both players lose all their pieces during the same move, the piece which was last to go off the board determines the winner.

The winner of a round gets to start the next round with his pieces one row further forward. Once one player has advanced his pieces to the centre of the board, he can win the whole game by winning the final round from that starting position.

Chapayev includes the following features:

– Multiplayer over internet – challenge your friends.

– unique AI which plays like a human being – it makes errors and misses good opportunities sometimes

– AI is switched to adaptive mode which automatically tracks performance of the player and provides equal match

– Instant replay feature showing best moves in slow motion

– Easy and intuitive gesture based control – thrust your pieces with just a move of your finger

– Calculation and tracking of scores awarded. Global Leaderboards.

Available as optional functionality:

– AI is easily adjustable to any skill of player with effectively 100 different levels of difficulty. You can try setting up AI vs AI game to check that even smallest difference affects AI performance.

– Player vs Player game mode on the same iPhone / iPod Touch

– Achievements system – total of 500 points are available through achievements system. Ranks are awarded based on adaptive AI level you were able to beat.

Updates planned:

– native iPad support
– additional modes of gameplay (in addition to classical mode available now)
– multiplayer over bluetooth

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