Championship Hearts HD

Unwind with a relaxing game of Championship Hearts and treat yourself to a much-deserved break. Soothing jewel tones, cheerful HD graphics, helpful hints and interesting characters will leave you feeling positive and refreshed. You set the pace, choose your challenge level, and your favorite variation. You are in control. Sneak a few hands of Hearts in throughout your day, or sit down and enjoy a full game.

★★★★★ So much fun-Thanks, Dreamquest
“This is great! Now I can not only have fun, but I can become an expert player too.”

A step-up from a lonely game of Solitaire, Championship Hearts delivers a game with personality:

✔ Discover 9 amusing computer opponents to both challenge and entertain you
✔ Enjoy a sense of accomplishment as you (re)master Hearts card play
✔ Sharpen your skills with Questie, our adorable in-game DreamCoach™ dragon
✔ Improve your game as you learn not just what to play, but why
✔ Explore in-game options that allow you to cheat in numerous ways and play exciting variations

Enjoy unlimited free Hearts games with this interactive version. Playing cards is simple and an intuitive menu system will let you explore a variety of game options. Easy enough for your inner child and engaging enough for your adult side. You’ll enjoy unlocking options that keep you engaged once you’ve mastered the free version.

This FREE version of Championship Hearts includes the following:

✔ Unlimited Games
✔ Colorful HD Graphics
✔ Engaging DreamCoach™
✔ Educational Hearts Tutorial
✔ Friendly Beginner AI
✔ 3 Entertaining Characters
✔ Realistic Sounds and Player Taunts

Universal app features HD graphics for iPad and newer iPhones as well as support for older iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

For even more challenge, you can optionally purchase these add-ons:

1) No Ads Add-on for Hearts –
✔ Disable third-party banner ads
✔ Disable in-house and addon banner ads
✔ Support the developer
✔ Have more space to play!

2) Expert AI Add-on for Hearts – Bring on the challenge
✔ Play Against 3 New Amusing AI characters:
– the vivacious Amber
– the brainy Nicole
– the flirty Wes

3) Practice Add-on for Hearts – Sharpen Your Skills and Polish Your Plays:
✔ Undo
✔ Auto Hint
✔ Repass Hand
✔ Replay Hand

4) Cheats Add-on for Hearts – Stack the deck 6 different Ways:
✔ View your Opponents’ Cards
✔ Demand a Redeal
✔ Customize your Hand
✔ Playout an Entire Game
✔ Sneak in Illegal Plays
✔ Score your Hand Early

5) Master AI Add-on for Hearts – Advance to Master Level with Expert Coaching
✔ Play Against our 3 toughest AI master characters:
– the crafty and sly Chuckles
– the whimsical and brainy Sparky
– the musical and sharp Starla

6) More Variations Add-on for Hearts – 6 new Hearts variations:
✔ Classic – Hold and Low Club lead
✔ Jacks – Bonus points for JD
✔ Team – Work with your partner
✔ Spot – Value-based scoring
✔ Gates – Bonus points for gates
✔ Reverse – It’s all upside down!

7) Personalized Avatar for Hearts – Change your in-game player avatar
✔ Select and Save Your Personalized Avatar
✔ Create New Avatars Directly From Your Built-in-Camera
✔ Import a Photo from an Album on Your Device

8) Custom Character Creator for Hearts – Create and customize new opponents
✔ Build New Custom Characters
✔ Select Opponent Characteristics:
– Beginner, Expert or Master
– Timid, Competative, Agressive
– Forgetful, Sharp, Card-Counter
– Wild, Flexible, Predictable.
✔ Use Your Own Photos to Represent New Characters
✔ Save Character Settings.

9) Royal Treatment Add-on for Hearts – all 8 addons for one low price
✔ No Ads, Experts, Masters, Practice, Cheats, Variations
✔ Save 40% over purchasing separately

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