Celtic Sphere -A false holy place-

It is the full-scale role playing game which made Ireland of the near future the stage.
Even 1/3 of a game story can enjoy itself for free.


the tale in which the young men called the caster who belongs to the magic association called an The Order of The East light Shintoism meeting develop a battle.
Misa which lost the mother in a certain incident.
She will run after the Shinto priest chief who grasps the key of an incident with Halt, a childhood friend, and who disappeared.

The “support battle monster” system which the pushed-down monster becomes a friend and participates in a battle.

The substantial skill level-of-skill system etc. by which it grows up as magic do, and it is a lump element.

The ease of playing was pursued by the operation method, loading of an AUTO battle, etc. which have single hand and can play easily.

Explain The mystery of a Celt’s holy place, cooperating with casters!!

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