Celtic Knots Free

Celtic Knots Free is a unique new game that combines the best parts of jigsaw puzzles and sliders.

A beautiful Celtic Knot design has been cut into pieces and jumbled up. The puzzle is putting it back together again. It may be the original design, or it may be something new – connect all the loops to solve the puzzle.

* 54 knots for hours of entertainment and puzzling fun!
* 3 different difficulty levels (let the kids try Wee Folk – and if you want a real challenge, try Chieftain)
* Share your high scores on Facebook or OpenFeint
* Replay a knot to try to beat your score
* Your highest score on each knot is saved, so don’t worry about letting your kids play!

For more knots and an ad-free gaming experience, check out the full Celtic Knots game.

If you like puzzle games, jigsaw puzzles, sliders, or Rush Hour, you’ll love Celtic Knots Free.

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