Celeb star Vs Crush Zombies: Lady Gaga Club Dancing edition

Celeb star Vs Crush Zombies newest Edition is here!
**Lady Gaga Club Dancing Edition**

Can you dance, Jump and shoot the crush zombies at the same time?
This fun dancing game will test your abilities and skill.
It is dark, the only thing you eyes can see is a crazy dancing outfit gaga wears as she dances on the iron dance floor.

This game is an addictive, funny endless running game for girls and boys. Your task is to make sure those crush zombies will not hurt the lady. Help her run as far as you can. Avois the zombies, deadly plants, that crawl the danceing floor.

You think you can make it far enough? Many have tried, but only a handfull made it!

Game features:
* Cool Never Heard before music
* Endless running mode
* Eye Candy Graphics you will love
* Diva Mode – This IAP will allow you to NEVER die, ohhh yehh!

##Free for a limited time only##

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