Caveman Toss

Back in the olden days, before iPhone’s, bling, and shiny cars, brawn was what made the ladies purr. Raw, unadulterated, boulder-tossing muscle and might! In Caveman Toss, you can assume the role of a caveman or cavegirl and heave boulders and spears with all the strength you can muster to see who’s the mightiest of ‘em all. So tap into your inner caveman, pick up something big and heavy and throw it far. Why? Because we’re cavemen and that’s what we do!

Caveman Toss is exactly as the name implies. Choose your gender, caveman or cavegirl, rev up your arm as fast as you can, then touch the screen to release. Twist and turn your iPhone in a clockwise motion to build up steam and release when you feel you’re ready to let one loose. Keep an eye on the two meters which display the launch angle and speed, the more optimum the angle and faster the speed, the further the throw. See how high and far you can throw your rock or spear. Listen to the dinosaurs as they run in fear as you hurl your projectiles through the air. Save your score for bragging rights later and see who can be king (or queen) of the jungle!

Caveman Toss works with all generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch.

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