Caveman Test

We encourage everyone to take the “Caveman Test”. How often do you actually get to knock heads with a real caveman?
Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of “Sticks and Stones” this is one tough game! Enjoy the crackling fire in the dark cave. “Ufkah is waiting to defeat you!”

The moment fire was invented the entertainment industry in caves all around the world exploded! The ability to see inside caves at all times enabled cave dwellers to play games at night and during inclement weather!
Due too limited creativity and resources, only one game conquered the imagination of our ancestors. The game was called “Umbala uh Urala” or translated into English “Sticks and Stones”.

The cave dwellers took this game very serious and even travelled large distances to participate in tournaments. One player remains undefeated and was celebrated as a hero until this day. “Ufkah the champ” will be the player you are up against in the “Caveman Test”.

Enter the cave and pickup your sticks and stones and try to beat Ufka at his own game! Unfortunately their is no where to hide. The only tools you have, are a brain a handful of sticks and stones. Beat Ufkah and your name will be carved in stone and visible to the rest of the tribe. If you lose be prepared to be ridiculed by the savages!

Oh one last tip Ufkah hates to lose!

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