Cave Run

Cave Run is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Cave Run

Today’s featured new app is based on the famous scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones is fleeing from a giant boulder as the ancient cavern he just looted (err, excavated) starts crumbling around him. Check out our first impressions and video of Cave Run.

You play as a familiar-looking fedora-sporting archaeologist who is running out of a deteriorating cave while clutching an orange bag containing some mysterious artifact. Like in Canabalt and Monster Dash, the goal is to run as far as possible without falling in the gaps between platforms. You can tap to jump or hold for a longer jump.

Unlike Indy’s big scene, you never get to see what Cave Run’s character is running from. We think the game would be a lot more exciting if there were darts zipping by his head or spikes shooting out of the wall, but in Cave Run you just have to focus on jumping and avoiding ice slicks and lava cracks.

OpenFeint is the main reason this game exists, so you can upload the high scores of your run based on distance and the number of coins collected. Cave Run is also a universal app, so the $1.99 purchase will get you a nice-looking iPad version as well. Still, Cave Run doesn’t seem bring much to strongly compete with Canabalt or Monster Dash.