Everything in the village was peaceful until the monster Queem Dokey has captured everyone. “Brave The Cave” and rescue the pals!

Save 100 friends in a procedurally-generated world that’s different each and every time you play! Using RANDIA technology.

There are many arcade games to play within the world – find them all and earn coins by playing!

Cave Rescue is fun and appropriate for all ages, including 5 years: MA MA

UPDATE 1 COMING SOON with ‘megaslanshe’ quest

This software is designed to be played on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, and better. Other device… hmm.. it’s not supported

developed by Quikding Co. LTD.
featuring Mano Yomoguchi, GHXYK2, Delawarm, And the Debut Feature of A Friendly Pioneer

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