Cats slot machine for kids

Available languages: english – french – italian – German – Swedish – Dutch – Spanish – Polish – Czech – Portuguese

Warning, this game is made especially for children from 4 to 8 years. Its colorful graphics and difficulty are low for a young audience. It is not suitable for an adult audience.

It is a simple game of slot machine type where you have to make certain combinations of points to finish the level. Each time a level is won the child wins a picture of a cat that enriches its collection.

The difficulty is measured for the youngest!

Game Type: casual game / game of chance

The principle is very simple you just press a single button. The child can play without your help.

– Simple and fun game on the theme of cats
– Three levels of difficulty (the easiest level it is impossible to lose)
– Intuitive control interface and simple
– Automatic backup of progression.
– Growth awarded 20 pictures of cats available in the collection
– 20 levels to accomplish
– A simple game for younger where he can play without your help
– Gameplay and graphics suitable for children

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