Cats Reversi 3D

This amazing Reversing game uses 3D kittens that move around on your screen!!

3D kittens prance around lightly on the game board and put on a show for you.
These cute kittens run, meow, jump, sit, and yawn as the game goes on.

They are sensitive to the gentleness of the sound effects, background music and color tones.
Play alone or against friends, a lover, or your children. You will enjoy your time with these cute kittens so much that it won’t matter if you win or lose the game.

・Choose your favorite from 14 types of kittens.
・Zoom in and out on the board.
・Adjust the angle at which the cats circle the board.
・Choose between three CPU opponent strengths.
・Play against friends.
・Play through Bluetooth on two iPhone/iPodtouch units.

*We recommend using this application on iPhone/iPodtouch units 3G or later since it displays many kittens. In particular, first-generation iPhone/iPodtouch units slow down as the game progresses and the number of kittens increases. (You’ll definitely become sleepy…)

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