Category Kings

Categories King comes with FOUR GREAT GAMES IN ONE, 144 built-in categories, and the ability to add more packs of pre-made categories or your own categories. If you like Scattergories, CatchPhrase, Taboo, or 100,000 Dollar Pyramid, this game is for you!

The Classic Game, pits you against you friends as you try to write words that fit in each category shown in a list and begin with the given letter. With random categories being selected for every round, no two lists will ever be the same!

The Travel Game simply gives you one category for which you must come up with words that fit the category and begin with each letter in the category name. For example with a category Movies you would come up with movies beginning with M, O, V, I, E and S.

The team game pits two teams against each other in a race against the clock. One player from the team must say words that would fit in a given category until the team can guess the category.

The drinking game also presents a single category for which the players give suitable words or phrases. The catch is, you can’t repeat other players’ answers and if the timer goes off when it’s your turn, you have to take a shot.

With 144 categories built in, you are sure to have a great time. On the other hand there are additional packs of categories available and you have the ability to add your own custom categories to the mix for a unique gaming experience.

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