Introduce “Catch Bugs” produced by “Lay Studio – A “ specialized in Intuitional application for an infant.

You might experience to suffer from your adorable baby who always want your hands if you are parents.

However, you can now relex and have your own time beyond your baby’s mewling.

“Catch Bugs” is an infant application what baby likes instinctly.

“Catch Bugs” is what baby likes instinctly, takes parent’s heart because producers are all parents.
Don’t ignore due to free application.
-We research and create what sounds baby likes.

— Very Easy & Very Simple
-We make “Catch Bugs” simply and intuitional for baby.

— playing with insects.
– Various cute insects in nature scene, meeting sounds attracting curiosity of baby, is enough for your baby to play fully.

— “Catch Bugs” made by Parents.
-Producers of “Catch Bugs” are all parents, so we can catch what both parents and babies demand.Especially, some sound in “Catch Bugs” is made by specialized sound designer so baby can listen and feel much more rich sound.
-With reference of people who are interesting infant application, we make a effort to catch what kind of toy baby is interesting in and how much quality baby wants.
Moreover, we will continue to produce free application for you and your infant. Please, don’t forget “Lay Studio-A” and keep visit our site.

Once again emphasize !!! “Catch Bugs” is free application.

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