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Catch The Candy is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Catch The Candy Review

Monsters eating candy is a proven formula for success on the App Store; it’s why Cut The Rope has staked out its position in the Top Ten for six months now. Catch The Candy has a similar concept, and it’s also a physics puzzler, but it introduces a few new tricks.

The star of this puzzle game from Bulkypix doesn’t just hang back and wait to be fed. You have to use his sticky appendage, which latches onto the environment with a “smack”, to either draw in the candy or to move him into range. This purple, hairy blob doesn’t have any legs either, so generally, if you can’t stick to something, you can’t move.

The answer to this puzzle hit us like a ton of bricks.

There are 53 levels included in the launch version of Catch The Candy, and several of them can be completed in just a few seconds. Each level contains one screen, and some of the objects in the environment will let you stick to them, while others won’t. Figuring out what you can and can’t interact with is half the game, and the other half is manipulating the environment so that your monster gets his candy.

While we loved the wacky level variety, they fly by so quickly that we felt we were playing a Warioware-style minigame collection. Rarely requiring much thought, these levels are all about tapping around until you figure out what to do. There are online high scores for solving each level with the minimum amount of taps, though.

Come ride the wheel of water!

The puzzles are short and generally mixed in quality, but we did enjoy the game’s cute visuals. The environments are cheerful, with smiling animals and rainbows everywhere. And if the puzzles ever feel too frustrating, you can always skip one and come back to it later.

Catch The Candy requires a bit less brainpower than Cut The Rope or other physics games. Most of the puzzles can be solved with persistent tapping, so that might make it a good choice for kids who just want to play around in sandbox-like levels. Serious puzzle solvers may not be impressed, but in the end, we were charmed by yet another insatiable little monster.