Catch Phrase Party!

Catch Phrase Party! will make any party fun! If you like word games and party games such as Taboo, Scattergories, Catch Phrase, 25 Words or Less or Guesstures, then you will love Catch Phrase Party!

In Catch Phrase Party!, your iPhone, iTouch or iPad acts as a "hot potato" that is passed around from player to player. Get your team to guess the word or catchphrase as quickly as possible. Don't get stuck with the device when time runs out!


* More than 7,000 words and phrases

* Choose from 10 different categories, or choose Everything to use all of the words and phrases

* Each category uses our awesome no-repeat technology to guarantee that no word or phrase will be seen more than once before all of the words are seen

* Choose from 20 different buzzer sounds, from standard bells and buzzers to sheep, chimps, and people screaming

* High-res retina graphics for iPhone and iPad

Catch Phrase Party! will turn any gathering of friends or family into an instant party!

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