Catapult Cows HD Free

Play the Fun Skill Testing Game with these Crazy Cows!

Meet celebrity cows Cheeky Chewin, Groovy Groovin and Molly Moovin on an adventure that will last for hours.

Each cow has a price value per launch, the objective of the game is to knock down the barrels that also carry different values.

Can you reach 100 Points to go onto the next level?

Red barrels have Negative points so see if you can avoid them!

Catapult Cows is a Fun Skill Testing Game for you to try Free.

Play 6 Free games of the 70 Skill testing levels available with lasers and moving barriers to make you Moooove to the next level.

WARNING: Don’t let these cows fool you that it’s really easy to get to the next level, because it does get harder!

Download your Free Copy Now and ask your friends if they can control these angry cows!

• 6 Free levels of non-stop chaos!

• 6 Free levels of trigger-happy blasting!

• 6 Free levels of barrel demolition!

• 6 Free levels of havoc!

• 6 Free levels of puzzles!

• 6 Free levels of super-powered Catapult Cows!

Catapult Cows is one of those games that you can put down but it won’t be long before you will want to come back and try launching these angry cows again!

Take up the challenge and complete all 70 levels, we dare you to come back for more!!

Cow files:

Cheeky Chewin = 10 launch points –
Look out!…. She is the Black & White Cow

Groovy Groovin = 15 launch points – Wild!…. She is the Brown Cow

Molly Moovin = 20 launch points – Crazy!… She is the Blue Cow

See you on the inside!

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