***NOTE: Catapolt REQUIRES an iPhone 4S or newer or an iPad 2 or newer. Performance issues have been noted on devices older than these. Please try out the free version first to test out the performance on your particular device.***


Destroy the enemy’s castle for fun and profit!

To obliterate your enemy’s castles, you must launch a boulder from your powerful catapult. Aim your boulder and control its flight by manipulating the gravity of the world, using crates of gunpowder, sheep, and even unwary passersby to rebound and ricochet. Navigate through challenging obstacles such as trees and towers; add a well-timed boost to shoot over barriers; and build your Power combo to flatten your enemy’s castle in one hit!

Catapolt features addictive and entertaining gameplay, challenging and diverse levels full of tricky obstacles and stimulating landscapes, intuitive gravity-tilting accelerometer & touchscreen controls and most importantly, hours of fun. Replay the levels to achieve all three stars!

Victory will be yours!

Copyright 2012 Cognitive Forge & Sinars Studios.

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