Cat with Rumba

Breakout game appearance with a new sense of vacuum cleaner cat!

In the manner of a breakout, while you bounce a pad cleaner
Let’s all breathe the dust of the room.
Vacuum cleaner to clean everything sucked, garbage room,
Cat dance the rumba with delight.

However, when cats dance the rumba , something will happen…!

☆ Everyone can play!
Operation is similar with Breakout game , so everyone can play easy.

☆ Garbage does not just suck!
There are many treasure such as a clip or money, in the room.

☆ with Leaderboards!
The number of times the number of dust danced high scores were collected, the number of items, the rumba …
I compete with friends in various grades.

☆ we will soon updates!
Function of the vacuum cleaner, the item will increase in the future. Please look forward to.

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