Cat-Nabbin' Zombies!

New in v. 1.3.0!

Check out the new Vuvuzela in Cat-Nabbin’ Zombies! By supporting the Moonshine Fund the vuvuzela is unlocked and ready to be used on the unsuspecting undead. Rack up a total of 10 headshots to enable the infamous horn, then unleash the audible terror to stun all zombies on screen! While they’re writhing in pain, sip on some light tea while picking them off at your leisure.



The zombies are coming and they’re after your … CATS! You’re none other than Grandma, and must protect your kitties from the feline-hungry undead. They have an unending .. hunger .. for the fur of the purring pretties!

Grandpa and Grandma were in an economic pinch, forcing Grandpa to start selling his backyard moonshine. Unknown to Grandma, Grandpa was using the fur off the backs of her cats to give the ‘shine a little more spice. Well, the moonshine was a hit! Too much of a hit, perhaps. What made Grandpa moonshine special had turned the entire town into zombies! Cat-fur-crazed Zombies!

* Use your shotgun to fend off zombies and protect your cats. Slide to aim, tap to shoot.

* Keep an eye on the Zombie Meter in the upper left corner. The faster you eliminate zombies the bigger the multiplier to your score. The bigger the score the better for you, for grandma, and for the kitties.

If you experience any issues whatsoever please contact us directly at, with details of the issues you are experiencing as well as your device model and iOS version.

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