Cat & Mice

No more spending countless time chasing the mice to save the cheese. We present to you “Cat & Mice”, a freaky game, which promises to offer plenty of fun.

The gameplay:

The objective is to shoot away all the mice present on the screen with the help of your pet cat. With unlimited bombs and limited time, make sure you destroy all the mice.

The Cheesy features make the game more interesting:

* Challenges with 30 levels to beat, one at a time
* Unlimited number of attempts
* Time varies as complexity increases
* Unlimited number of bombs
* Hit the cheese for bonus points
* Enabled with Game Centre and OpenFeint for global scoring

This game is highly recommended to all game fans, just sit back, relax and simply enjoy.

“Cat & Mice” is easy and impulsive to play – and it’s pretty much an entertaining game for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Go to the App store and download it before it’s too late. Play it on your iDevice now!!!

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