Cat Attack HD

To celebrate the free Halloween promotion of Zombie Bumper Cars, Cat Attack HD is free again too. Check out Zombie Bumper Cars, free on iTunes now!

Cat Attack HD! The game of Cat and Mouse in which you are the mouse, the mouse is lunch, and the growing army of hungry cats draws ever closer.

– Three difficulty levels, easy, original and impossible. Think you have what it takes to reach two minutes in Impossible?
– New High Score and achievements for each mode
– Openfeint Integration, join thousands of players in the high scores!
– facebook.

Because you’re under a Cat Attack! How long can you last up against the ever hungry onslaught of angry spherical cats? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? Will your life flash before your mousey wee eyes as you break the super unlikely one minute survival barrier? Doesn’t matter really, the longer you live the hungrier they get, and there’s no escape from this Cat Attack.

Move the mouse, run from the cats, survive for as long as possible.

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