“The Castle Lord” is a simulation game for iOS.
You will be a lord, then build castles and attack other’s castles to get higher titles.
Build many castles and go for “Emperor”-the only title in this world!

■the run of play

 If you click the “Castle” button at home screen, you can build a castle.
Let’s build and complete it.
Carpenters are needed to build a castle.
Carpenters will be pages in the castle when it has been built, and you can use them in the battle.
People who have many castles get higher titles, and they work for getting it in this world.
If you click the “Battle” button at home screen, you can fight with others.
Pages are needed to fight with others.
If you win the battle, you can decrease another castle HP and destroy it.
Your fame is growing up when you win the battle, and you can get new carpenters.
Let’s destroy your rival’s castle and get higher title.
But you also need to be concerned about attacks from others.
If you click the “Friend” button at home screen, you can make friends.
You can take some advantages to do it.
Let’s make friends actively with others.

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