Castle Wall

★★A popular game in TouchLive joins app games.★★

Destroy walls, then capture a castle!

■Set powder kegs on cards from the bottom line.
■Touch FIRE to blow up connected cards.
■Only cards of “the same number” or “consecutive numbers” can be connected!

■Connect many cards as possible for higher points!
■Get higher points by connecting cards of “the same number”!
■Use the Wild Card wisely.

■When all cards are blown up, the stage is beaten!
■ There are 3 stages in total.

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★Interaction with Facebook and Twitter
After your game play, you can shortly post your game score on Facebook and Twitter.
In addition, you can acquire 3 Coins once per day for your post.

※You can acquire Coins once per day on Facebook or Twitter.
You can not acquire Coins by both Facebook and Twitter

※Please be aware that if you delete this App,
the coins will also be deleted.

※When you launch this App and move to Top Menu, you can get the Coin once per day.
You can get the Coin again after 24 hours from the time you got the Coin.

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