Castle Quest

Empire Quest is an artillery based iPhone game. A player’s quest is to conquer castles and unite them inorder to form an EMPIRE. The game starts from a very easy level, it gets challenging & interesting with every new sublevels within levels. See screenshots for gameplay and information.

* Visual effects : rain drops, snow falls, stars blinking, moving clouds, fires, lava, etc
* Can play online with friend(s) via invitation or Auto-Match
* Can play via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with nearby iPhone or iPod
* In-App iPod & Sound effects of shooting, collision etc
* Many different artilleries (ammunition)
* Can move the artillery (ammunition) by a single Touch
* Castles with different shapes and colors
* Castles and Artillery are Physics based
* Game Center – Leaderboard & Achievement
* Zoom in and Zoom out options
* Game pause option
* Help section on how to play the game
* In-App Game Trailer
* Can auto recommend friends via E-Mail & SMS


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