Castle Hustle

If you like adventure games, you will love Castle Hustle too. If not – well, you could try it anyway – just because this can be arranged for FREE! Explore, avoid dangers, collect portal gemstones and make your way to escape the castle you’re trapped in!

Free Version Features:

– Retina display support;
– Two easy-level castles to explore;
– Lots of unique rooms;
– Obstructions and closed doors on your way to make your journey a bit more funny;
– Gold bags to increase your score, portal gems to activate exit portal and candies to replenish your health;
– Deadly obstacles to avoid – fire, deep water and toxic gas;
– A tricky floor plates which disappear from time to time – take the right moment to run or jump over it;
– Secret rooms hidden from your eyes – find it and get a bonus score;
– And many many other funny things!

If you like the game and decide to support free updates and new levels development, you can get the full version for a minimum price.

Full version has some extra features:

– Six more castles to play. They are really bigger and more funny than free ones!
– All ads removed completely;
– More castles in future!

So, what are you waiting for? Just try Castle Hustle out – for free!

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