Castle Attacker

Storming a castle is a very difficult task. It needs tactics and strategies to make the castle surrendered or stormed.

Live the experience of being the ” CASTLE ATTACKER” who will be using the Cannon devise to shoot hundreds of Cannonballs in a hope of storming the targeted castle.

7 Stages and a total of 56 levels, have been designed, each requires logic, skills and mental force to solve.

“CASTLE ATTACKER” features challenging physics-based gameplay, in which you can control, shoots angles and shoots speed, to destroy the castle.

You will be challenged to gather certain number of Barrels in each stage to be eligible to enter the next coming stage.
You will be given the option of buying Barrels, in case you couldn’t make it in certain stage.

Compete with your friends on the highest scores and enjoy your achievements in “CASTLE ATTACKER” as it’s already been integrated with Game Center.

Discover your mental skills and experience victory spirit through challenging yourself with “CASTLE ATTACKER”.

“Don’t miss out this challenging Game”.

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