This is a simplified version of blackjack for the mobile devices. This is played with single deck to give some advantage to the player.

Game is between you and the dealer. Whose score is closer to 21 wins. Dealer starts with dealing 2 cards to you and two cards to himself out of which 1 card is open. You have 4 options to choose from
•DEAL – Dealer deals you another card
•STAND – Dealer stop dealing you the card. He now deals himself a card.
•SPLIT – If two cards you get are same, you can split them to play two games.
•DOUBLE – If you want to double the bet based on first two cards you get.

Payout is based on the bet. If you bet $100 and win, you get back $200. If you double the bet, you will get $400. You lose the same amount if dealer wins. Dealer stands on 17 or above.

Game gives you the total credit of $1000 to start with.

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