Casino Jackpot®

$$$$$$Casino Jackpot brings a Vegas experience to your fingertips! Ensuring that your experience never subsides! Download Casino Jackpot and enjoy hitting the jackpot wherever, whenever.$$$$$

Play 5 Casino Games to Win Rewards & Become Vegas Boss- Slots, Spin, Scratcher, Poker,Keno! All of them bring you the ultimate pleasure! Casino MASTERY for even More Rewards & Winnings!! 

Every victory comes with splendid visual effects, pushing your excitement to the extreme.Power on your iPhone and get your Las Vegas’ spree!

Apart from vivid graphics, the system also incorporates a true-to-life chance of winning, which helps you to gain a deeper insight of casino odds and know more about casino tricks. Your chance at ultimate casino glory!

$$$$Casino Jackpot with the diverse gameplay is launched NOW! EMBRACE the gold rush and WIN the future!$$$


* Five globally popular styles : Spin, Slots, Poker, Keno and the addictive Scratcher.
* True-to-life Casino rules; dynamic winning rates.
* Unique bonus mini-games.
* Amazing graphics and high quality sound effects.
* Daily tasks with hidden rewards.
* The achievement system to record every glorious moment.
* Compete with your friends on the Rich List of GameCenter.

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