Casino Cards

Play for FREE, win coins and enjoy the funky music!

Casino Cards ranked #84 on free card games list in Cambodia! Thank you Cambodians! :)

Casino Cards is a mix of card games and traditional slot games in one superior free slot machine. It is very easy to learn, but challenging to play through. Believe in your luck and enjoy the generous winnings with this exciting music gameplay experience.

– Totally new and fun casino game
– Win more than in traditional slot games
– Daily prize of 50 000 coins for the first 300K players
– No ads
– Daily Jackpots
– Awesome music related gameplay

The old Card-a-Matic radio is a mess, it keeps losing the instruments of the hit song Twice as Sweet. You have to bring them back by playing the game of Casino Cards. Win coins to light up the radio tubes and complete the song.

Try to guess the hole card in the middle. Swipe the deck right or left, choose your lucky card and drag it on top of the hole card. You can also use the Lucky Spin Lever(tm), which is one of a kind mechanism made for your convenience. Pull and release the lever and let the machine do its magic. Catch a Gimp Coin to get 1% of your bet for free!

Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to be able to play Casino Cards.

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