Cartoon Rescue: FREE!

FREE version of the Hit Game CARTOON RESCUE!
Cartoon Rescue is an arcade platform game that combines Mario style gameplay with classic arcade action.

Your Cartoon dudes have been captured while touring famous “Wonders of the World” Including:

* Statue of Liberty
* Petronas Towers
* The London Eye
* Macchu Picchu
* The Rotunda
* St Andrews Church
* Mount Rushmore
* The Pyramids of Geezer.

The Orange Dudes are holding your dim bro’s hostage and only YOU, CARTOON HERO MAN can save them!
Rescue your Cartoon Counterparts from the evil Orange Dudes. Collect them in order of excitement and get treated to the world famous Bavarian Hat Bonusii!

We will be updating the game with new levels, wackier Power Ups, surprise enemies so get in on the action NOW and the updates will be FREE!

If you enjoyed Doodle Jump you will LOVE Cartoon Rescue!

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