Cartoon Ballwars

New style defense game !
This is the day the heroes became heroes… the Evil king being evil sent his troops to bring havoc on the small kingdom of ball town, the EVIL king told the scared towns people that he would send his troops to destroy town by town until he ruled all the kingdoms great and small, the news traveled to the good king who became enraged who called on his most elite men. Taking on their hero’s task they fight for peace till every man of the evil ball king is no more….

- Feature -

1. Fun new style of defense game
2. Accumulate points to strengthen heroes
3. 7 different heroes each with a special skills
4. Surprise ball gives helpful defense power

- Tips -

1. Make the best use of each heroes skill
2. Don’t forget to up grade your heroes
3. Do not throw ball randomly
4. Calculate the angle and speed