Cart Ville

Welcome to Cart Ville Game!

Cart Ville is pretty comprehensive and visually attractive business simulation game for street cart business. It is available for iPads only (iPad retina included). With 5000 CV cash as a starter, you’ll be down on the streets selling yummilicious edibles and be understanding each phase of the business to become street carts tycoon.
– Eye catchy graphics
– A visually appealing city environment with walking people and moving traffic

– 9 different types of buildings blocks including hospitals, residence, park, stadium and banks

– 5 types of vehicles in 4 different colors

– 6 different types of American carts namely, Coffee, Cotton Candy, Lemonade, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream
– User can buy all required ingredients using in game cash
– Define custom recipe for each product and analyze the sales trends
– Different end user feedbacks based on quality and price of the product being sold
– Game Center integration for leaderboards and different user achievement levels
– In-App Purchase to buy different cash bundles to give a tough competition
– Play the challenge mode to generate more in-game cash
– Comprehensive in-game tutorial for basic understanding

– Share your title, cash amount or any other custom message using Facebook and/or Twitter

– Earn 33 different achievements based on your performance

– Option to reset game for a fresh new start

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