Cars Search and Find Wimmelbuch App

The great Wimmelbilderbuch with bulldozers, garbage trucks, fire engines, police cars, race cars and many many more now comes to your iPhone/iPad, only this time it comes with flashing blue lights and sirenes…

Start up your engines, the action starts immediately! Brummburg is bustling, everywhere it’s teeming with cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Salesmen offer their wares on the old marketplace, firefighters extinguish a house fire. There is a traffic jam on the highway. Curious figures are on their way to join the big race down at the harbor! Follow these residents through the city streets, alongside fields and construction sites across the country to the “Grand Prix” at the sea.

A huge scenery which lets you enjoy many ongoing stories, watch little animations and even hear lots of sounds and noises!

Discovery mode
Choose discovery mode if you prefer to explore the entire panorama and experience all details. Simply pinch or double-tap to zoom in and out. Discovery mode is especially easy and great fun for small kids!

Search mode
In 14 search modes you must search for your favorite characters as they are hiding out somewhere inside the panorama. Touch them once found. Each of the characters appear four times in the scenery, which means plenty hours of fun searching. Search mode can be difficult at times, when some characters are harder to find than others. Give it a try!

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