Cars Quest Free

This game is to test and increase your knowledge about cars. You have to guess the name of a particular car using the provided information which includes: car photo, make, engine and power. But there are some rules.

There are included more than 160 cars from the almost all famous automobile manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, VW, Lamborghini, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Toyota, RR, Bentley, Zenvo, Spyker, Ascari, AMC, Mercedes, Dodge, Pontiac, Gumpert, Infiniti and lot more.

All cars have been divided into four categories which includes SUV, Muscle, Sport and Sedan. Each category includes more than 40 cars. Each car is provided with 3 full size downloadable photographs along with all necessary information which you can post on your Facebook.

From the main screen you can choose one category from the above mentioned categories or “Random” category which includes cars from all categories. After that you have to choose number of questions (10, 20 or 30) to play.

Each question contains 10 points. Each car photo has been divided into four equal parts. Initially only two parts of the photograph are shown. To draw one more part will cost you 1 point. For your help there are three hints present in the “Life Lines option”.

You will be provided with three possible answers. You have to choose the right one. There is also present the option to skip a particular question. This skip option will deduct 4 points and will give you remaining 6 points. But there is a limit on skips.

Each correctly answered question will unlock a car. These unlocked cars can be accessed from the “Unlocked Cars” button on main screen.

Game Centre is also integrated to show your highest score and stay connected with your friends.

Cars included in a category may not strictly belong to that category. e.g. Muscle category may includes pony cars as well. Sedan may include hatchbacks. SUV may include mini trucks.

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