Carrom HD

Carrom Board is a game similar to Pool or Billiards where you use a Striker to hit the other disks into the 4 pockets. 1-4 players can play at once. Because you play the game by actually flicking the Striker, the game feels very natural on the iPad.

This game was designed to mimic the actual Carrom Board game. The physics are very natural as well as the way you shoot. Unlike other games on the App Store, in this game you actually hold the disk to move it and flick to shoot it. This adds to the fun and makes the game very similar to playing on a real board.

Up to 4 Players can sit down together and enjoy this game. When more then 1 person is playing the game, the players take turn shooting. The game ends when all disks are taken or when there is a clear winner and the remaining pieces cannot affect the players’ rankings.

When a single player is playing, the game keeps track of the turns taken to get all of the pieces in. This is a great way to practice as well as to challenge yourself.

There are 3 different types of disks. Each is worth different points: Black is 10, White is 20 and Red (Queen) is 50. The queen can only be taken if after shooting it in a pocket another disk is also shot in a pocket. The player loses their turn when no disk is taken. If the striker itself falls in a pocket, a disk must be returned and the turn is lost.

Great care has been taken to make the game simple and enjoyable. The game can be exited and resumed at anytime. There are no Loading screens.

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