Carnival of Games HD Lite

★★★★★ “Epic. Original. Time consuming.”
★★★★★ “All my friends take my phone to play it!”
★★★★★ “Big Buttons and Bright Graphics for my kids!”
★★★★★ “It’s fun on a bun! Great game!!!”

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● “…a little bundle of joy” – GeekPreview
● “…all the good things we imagine an old-timey carnival to have been like” –
● “…check it out if you’re a fan of casual games” –

► Full High Resolution 3D Graphics
► Four Traditional Carnival Games
► Simple To Use Controls
► Earn Tickets As You Play
► Spend Tickets on Cool Prizes
► In-Game Tutorials
► Easy to Learn but Hard to Master
► UNIQUE and ORIGINAL Gameplay

☼ Two Fingers on the Muscle Tester?
☼ Aim for the targets in the Shooting Gallery?
☼ Hit the bottles from the bottom on Milk Bottle Drop?
☼ Save all your tickets and buy big prizes or spend them on the smaller ones?

Welcome to the Carnival of Games! We’ve got an entire carnival waiting for you inside! Test your strength in our Muscle Tester. Can you knock all the bottles off the table in the Milk Bottle Drop? Our Bucket Toss is easy but tough to master. Take aim in our Shooting Gallery! Each time you play, you earn tickets to spend in our brand new PRIZE ALLEY!

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