Nextwave’s Carnival Blast

From exhibiting your shooting prowess to testing your luck,
Nextwave’s Carnival Blast has 6 exciting all time classic games for you to play,
and get addicted!

Game Types:

– Puzzle Cups
– Smash the Pumpkins
– Clown Hockey
– Jackpot
– Shoot the Duck
– Darts

Puzzle Cups
A simple but challenging puzzle game to test your observing skills!

Smash the Pumpkins
How smart are you in smashing the pumpkins?
Check out this exciting game, and you’ll discover it!

Wanna know whether fortune favours you?
Play Jackpot, the classic casino game, and know how luck you are!

Shoot the duck
There is no harm in shooting our ducks! So, flaunt your shooting prowess, and enjoy yourself!
This exciting shooting game is sure to keep you hooked, for hours!

If hitting the bullseye is your forte, then Darts is just for you!
Enjoy playing this classic board game, and have fun!

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