Carniball Jams

Give the crowd what it wants by making as many baskets as you can!

How many can you make before the timer runs out?

You’ve got two baskets, and what seems like an unlimited supply of balls dropping from the sky. Move your clown left and right to position your self just right, then JUMP to headbutt the ball into one of the waiting baskets. Don’t wait for it to go it, because more balls are on their way! Scramble and jump to score as many baskets as you can before the timer runs out!

Works on all devices iOS 3.0 and greater.

Carniball Jams contains three difficulty levels and a survival mode that will keep you busy for hours! It’s also Game Center equipped so you can share your top scores with all your friends and compete to see who’s the #1 “Carniball-er!”

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