Device Requirements: iPhone 4s or higher, iPad 2 or higher.

A funny and exciting game ‘Car Insanity’ is coming!
In this game you can see the special cars that you have never seen before and the cars are here to challenge each other.
This game can test your driving skills and your concentration ability because you may fail to win if you fall into the beautiful scenes.
Just be careful some one may catch up you and push you out the track when you think you are the first one.
You can pick up the props on the track to obstruct your opponents.
Now let’s play this game and wish you can win the champion.

Game Features:
1. You can choose police car and ambulance when you start the game. You also can buy garbage truck, fire engine and truck in the store.
2. There are three kinds of racing tracks can be chosen. (High-speed, tunnel and Japan)
3. Five kinds of special props can be used. (accelerator, decelerator, roadblocks, invincible and throw obsolete tires)
4. Enjoying drifting and overtaking.
5. You can squeeze other small cars easily when you drive a large car.
6. You can see a lot of beautiful and lively landscapes in the game.
7. It is easy to play the game. You don’t need any game manuals to teach you how to play.
8. You don’t need to be afraid to run the wrong way because we will give you the instructions.
9. Networking against world players

★★★『Now you can get all the cars after you register CarInsanity. Why wait? Act now!』

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