Card24 HD

If you have a deck of cards, but nobody can play with you, how will you pass the time? Now the Game Card24 is a new choice for you. It can provide you not only of card playing on device such as iphone etc, but also allowing you three playing modes: Pass Through Mode, Bonus Mode and Free Mode, You can get place and reward by your rapid calculation in Bonus Mode, as to Free Mode, you can use all kinds of interesting props, in the meanwhile appreciating various charming leaf icons, even you can easily capture the icon you like to your social website for saving, and the Chinese classical lute music can give you fantastic music massage. So, enjoy yourself from moving your finger?

Specification: The rules of Game Card24 based on the number, four cards per group, the target goal is to get 24 points or appointed special number by using Add, subtract, multiply and divide operation in time limit of 60 seconds. If you failed, you must accept little punishment such as bugs crawling on your screen, if you touch them, it will leave scratch which can not be erased.


Support Game Center.

Pass Through Mode
Now,you will face different modes from easier to more advanced. Can you get full marks (three stars) when facing more cards,more play modes and even more props which will distract your attention.
The highest level for system is Core4. the challenge is that if you cannot calculate fast enough,you have to face props which disturb you,and maybe the number on card will disappear, even the whole card may disappear also. So, it’s a perfect way to improve your ability to deal with different affairs at same time.
System will record how much time and steps you used for each mode and update immediately, you will be proud of yourself.
Each calculation provided randomly by system,which means even in same mode, you will also face different cards and target number. We provide tips of calculation process for each mode to reduce your frustration. but for fair, if you use tips, you cannot skip to next mode, your score also cannot be recorded by system. So, to make more progress relying on your strength.

Bonus Mode
Rules: four cards each time, the target goal is to get 24 points by using Add, subtract, multiply and divide operation(the number A=1, J=11, Q=12,K=13), in time limit of 60 seconds , then, you can get bunches of gold coins (the less time, the more fortune), If you can get the number 100 by calculating, congratulations! Your fortune will be doubled. Attention: If you don’t get correct answer, there will be ladybirds or flies which emerging on screen to disturbing you playing game, and it will not only leave ugly scratches but also lead to your fortune deduction. At the end of game, you can get the result of your score, place, the time you used, etc.

Free Mode
Rules: four cards each time, time limits in 60 seconds, but the number will only ranged from 1 to 10, so, you can enjoy yourself for calculating. Of course, our little buddies, ladybird and fly will accompany us all time, besides by your calculating mistake, it will come out one by one for each 20 seconds. More interesting thing is, when you get the correct answer, you will get one prop, it may help you change the number in your card, or sweeping bugs and stains, or it only makes troubles for you. It has some things in common with Bonus Mode, if you can get the number 1, the bugs and stains will disappeared instantly. The biggest characteristic in Free Mode is the never repeated background and the icons in cards. Just like the well-known saying by : No leaves are exactly the same in the world. There are no same leaves in Card 24. You can take the picture of leave you like, and send your emails for saving.

Now, Grasp your phone, to see which piece of leave you will meet.

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